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Helping you get first responders trained quickly is our #1 priority

Learning Stream is trusted by hospitals, emergency medical services, law enforcement trainers, and other first responders to get large groups registered for the training they need, whether training happens online or in person.

Over the last weeks, it has become apparent that the nation’s first responders will play a critical role in our ability to combat Covid-19. In addition to reassuring our customers that Learning Stream’s staff is remotely deployed and ready to help, we want to remind you of a few key elements to rapid training.

To get first responders trained quickly, organizations need to:

  1. Provide an easy-to-access, well-organized web page where trainees can register for the classes they need. Learning Stream lets you do this quickly and efficiently with less administrative workload.
  2. Send confirmation and reminder emails automatically, so trainees know where they need to be, and when. Include online class login information directly in an email.
  3. Easily provide classes online when needed and let attendees join without complicated dial-ins or downloads.
  4. Quickly and accurately provide necessary certification for completed courses, allowing more rapid deployment of first responders. Certification can be sent automatically once a course has been marked “complete” by an instructor, reducing the need for an administrative middleman.
  5. Share information with large groups, 24/7, through video course delivery or PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, or documents.

For information about how you can rapidly deploy Learning Stream to serve your training needs, contact us today.