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ArtStream, based in Maryland, offers performance opportunities to people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism. Through classes, workshops and performing companies, participants improve social skills and build a sense of community.

Before Learning Stream, ArtStream used a bit of duct tape and a ton of creativity to cobble together a registration process. It was online but not on target. For example, every time a participant or family member registered for something new, they had to re-key all their information. Not ideal for a program helping persons with developmental disabilities. “They were filling out forms six or seven times every few months,” says ArtStream Communications Manager Abby Madden. It wasn’t good for ArtStream administrators either. “It was very frustrating and not at all streamlined,” Abby says. “I had so many binders filled with old registration forms because we had to do so much manually.”

Getting to know Learning Stream
After developing an idea of the ideal registration platform for their needs and community, ArtStream found Learning Stream. Then came training.  “(Learning Stream expert trainer) Susie was awesome. Super patient and really detailed. Whenever we needed something that was unique to us, Susie really thought through with us how to best approach it through the software.”

After training, ArtStream began seeing benefits almost immediately. “Now, our participants and families have accounts,” Abby says. “Their information is stored and auto-populates the registration form each time. It really helps our population that the information is there, and they can just go through and double check it rather than having to fill something out each time.”

Further, Abby says, the online payment process is must smoother thanks to the integration between their payment processor (Stripe) and Learning Stream. “We’ve seen our money coming in quicker because its easier and more accessible.

A happy community
Speaking of accessibility, that’s a big deal for their participants. ArtStream conducted a survey among its families shortly after launching Learning Stream and received a whopping 72% response rate. Families were happy with the new process. “We didn’t receive any negative feedback,” Abby says. “People are happy that it is accessible and ADA compliant. They also are pleased with the streamlined process where they can sign up, pay and be done.”


People are happy that (Learning Stream) is accessible and ADA compliant.

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