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Temple Rodef Shalom

Temple Rodef Shalom

It’s nice to be popular, but it’s also possible to be too popular. The Religious School at Temple Rodef Shalom in Falls Church, Virginia knows this well. The school provides Judaic and Hebrew/Prayer classes for about 850 grade school students. Parents with children in the lower grades can sign up their children for classes scheduled in the early morning or late morning. Most prefer to sign up for the earlier option, which means hundreds of families are accessing the same registration form the moment registration opens. Some classes fill up so quickly that families go on a waiting list within minutes.

Each year, families do more than simply sign up for classes. They must also provide or update extensive household and child specific information. If they are slow to complete that portion of their registration form, they can easily miss out on their preferred class option. To make the process as smooth as possible—and to ensure all families are ready to sign up for classes—Temple Rodef Shalom employs the prerequisite functionality in Learning Stream. Families first must update their household information. Any issues with login or questions they may have are addressed then—before class registration opens. Then, signing up for classes is quick and easy.

Taking control
The school’s office manager, Sharon, is the program’s registration guru. The two-step process of employing a pre-requisite to first update household information was her idea. She likes that she has full control with Learning Stream. “I can test it, design, or change it,” Sharon says. “I can make it as complex or as simple as I want. Also, if there is a problem, I can troubleshoot it. I don’t have to have someone else trying to figure out what the problem is. And that’s huge.”

A helping hand
Should she need a little extra help, Sharon knows Learning Stream’s support staff will provide it. “I have a support person that I can reach out to who really understands what I’m doing. I like that I have a designated person.”

Prior to Learning Stream, the Religious School at Temple Rodef Shalom used a registration program designed just for them. It worked well, Sharon says, except when it came to requesting changes, such simple question changes or even additional reporting options. Any updates were slow and costly, which was the opposite of having full control. Sharon likes the advantages she has with Learning Stream, because a program as popular as the Religious School at Temple Rodef Shalom needs to have a headache-free registration process.

I can test it, design, or change it.

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