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UNC REX Healthcare

UNC REX Healthcare

If your mission is to help expectant families prepare for labor and delivery, it doesn’t mean your job must be laborious, too. But that was the situation facing the pregnancy and parenting program at UNC REX Healthcare in Raleigh, one of the largest hospitals in North Carolina. The process of signing up families for classes like Prenatal Yoga and Baby Care Basics was antiquated, inefficient and prone to error. Even collecting payment from students was sometimes difficult and time consuming. The registration management process had become a distraction for program coordinators whose core mission was educating expectant families.

HIPAA and more

The program turned to Learning Stream for help. As with any healthcare program collecting personally identifiable information through a registration process, UNC REX Healthcare went through a lengthy review, making sure the new registration management provider met all HIPAA, Payment Card Industry, and other benchmarks for keeping patient information secure. Once that was achieved and Learning Stream was chosen, implementation of the software happened quickly. The registration management process for pregnancy and parenting programs improved significantly—and immediately.


Robin Deal, the program’s perinatal services manager, expected that. She also knew staff would receive the training necessary to get the most from the software. She calls the support they continue to receive “awesome.” What surprised her, though, was how little training they needed. “One of the things I like about the program is that it’s intuitive,” she says.

Payment management has also improved because of how Learning Stream integrates with payment processing. Class organizers no longer have to chase down payments like they used to.

We don’t have to worry about registrants not paying because they can’t register for a class unless they pay for it,” Robin says. “It puts more of the responsibility on the person who wants to take the class.

Michele Baitsholts, an office specialist who handles much of the registration work, agrees. “It’s been a great move to Learning Stream because it makes it so much easier for the customer and for us.”


That puts the focus back where it belongs: on helping expectant families prepare for the big day. Gone are the times of laborious registration management. Robin says, “From what we had before going to this, there is just no comparison because of the ease of what we have been able to do.”

From what we had before going to this, there is just no comparison because of the ease of what we have been able to do.

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