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10 ways registration aids asynchronous learning

Since this way-too-long pandemic began, the demand has grown for Learning Management Systems (LMS), which provide online, asynchronous learning opportunities toVenn diagram showing overlay of registration and learning management systems training programs. If you created a Venn diagram—and who doesn’t love a good Venn—you would see significant intersection between a basic LMS and a full Registration Management System (RMS).

The biggest point of separation between an LMS and an RMS is content. If your system allows you to create and house asynchronous learning within it, that is for all intents and purposes an LMS.* The duck is quacking. However, a lot more crossover exists between learning management and registration management than you may realize. In fact, you may be able to more than make do with a platform that focuses on registration, even if you want to provide asynchronous learning opportunities.

For example, a high-octane registration platform can:

  1. Create learning paths that track a person’s progress through a series of courses.
  2. Communicate updates to learners.
  3. Include a testing component.
  4. Auto-score tests and store the results.
  5. Track continuing education credits for asynchronous learning and live offerings.
  6. Track who accessed content.
  7. Report on which students have completed assignments.
  8. Provide students/trainees access to their historical data.
  9. Collect and provide access to data across date ranges and other criteria for trends analysis.
  10. Automatically issue certificates of completion based on certain rules such as testing or evaluation completion.

If you think these ten items could cover most, if not all, of your biggest requirements, you may not need an LMS and its higher price tag. If you would like to explore your options, including which registration functions may complement your asynchronous learning needs, please get in touch here. We would also like to hear from you even if you already have an LMS and are looking for a better registration process to complement it.

*Learning Stream offers a video delivery platform that allows you to add video access into the regular registration process, as well as testing, CE tracking, and issuing certificates. Still, Learning Stream is an RMS rather than a full-blown LMS.

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