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Key Features:

Student Portal

With a Student Portal registrants can answer questions without bothering the instructor;

“Can you cancel me for the class?”
“Do you know how many credits I’ve earned the year?”
“Where is my certificate?”

With a typical registration process, you may receive a lot of calls and emails from students asking the same basic questions. Learning Stream’s Registrant Access Module is a fancy name for straightforward student portal. It takes a lot of traditional responsibilities off your plate and puts them on theirs. It allows your registrants to get much of the information they need without going through you. Therefore, they can access the information they need when they want it. The student portal provides them access, using secure login credentials, to their registration and payment histories, CE transcripts, printable certificates, and e-learning content like instructional videos.

And who is opposed to saving a few trees, too? Not only does the student portal within Learning Stream put more responsibility on your registrants, it also can reduce costs traditionally associated with producing CE materials. Students can download, email, and save precious resources.

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