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Key Features:

Evaluations and More

Learning Stream offers lots more features related registration management. These are a few:

Free online survey tools abound, but Learning Stream’s evaluation tool gives you advantages not available with a freestanding option. Learning Stream’s survey, though its responses are anonymous, is tied to those who sign up and attend your programs.

Let’s say you issue certificates of attendance. You can then create a rule to issue certificates via email the moment an attendee completes the evaluation. In addition to copious reporting and scoring of responses within the individual program, you can also do analysis of evaluation responses by criteria such as date range, program type, and instructor.

Document Upload
If you’re required to keep documents like medical release forms and other paperwork on file, they can quickly become cumbersome to manage. Learning Stream’s document upload feature enables registrants to attach such forms during the registration process. You can manage them online along with other registration information. Accepted file types include, among others, .doc, .xls, .pdf, as well as images, audio and video files.

Digital Signature
This feature is a simplified version of something like Docusign® for when you need registrants to sign off on a policy or statement as part of the registration process. Digital signatures come in handy most often for organizations signing up families, including minors, for camps and similar programs.