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User Survey: The future is bright in 2018

In Learning Stream’s small corner of the universe, managers of training and education programs say the future looks bright. Learning Stream conducted a user survey in June to learn more about customer trends and expectations. The user survey doesn’t meet the requirements of a scientific opinion poll, if there is such a thing. In our opinion, however, it’s important to get a feel for what trends registration management professionals are experiencing with their programs. Respondents of the user survey represent a breadth of event types. Among them: community classes offered The word Survey highlighted in red over other words in white to represent the user surveyby hospitals, distance learning programs, staff training, and career training. Here are the numbers:

More is better
We didn’t have to look far for optimism. Two-thirds (66%) of respondents say they’re offering more training (or other events) this year as compared to 2017. A tiny percentage of respondents is offering a lot more.

Just over half of respondents say attendance for their programs is also up. Using their crystal balls, just under two-thirds of those providing feedback expect program offerings to increase further in 2019. No one anticipated a decrease.

Reports by the bucket load
Like any enterprise level software, Learning Stream offers an extensive list of functions. No customers use 100% of those functions, and everyone uses a different subset of features, depending on their unique needs. However, the survey provided a list of popular Learning Stream features and asked respondents to choose the ones they considered most important. “Easy access to reports such as attendance or financials” came in first, followed closely by “online payment capabilities.” Nothing else came close, though “Group/cart registration options” was the best of the rest.

From the registrants’ points of view, respondents said “E-mail confirmations, reminders, wait-list notices and invoices” are what their registrants appreciate most, followed closely by online payment capabilities. Those features have been high on the list of most appreciated features for many years. Again, no other features came close.

What is your program’s outlook for the rest of the year and beyond? If you would like to share, or if you want to learn more about registration management functionality, please contact us here.

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