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5 Discounts That Can Drive Class Attendance

For revenue-generating training programs, it’s about putting seats in the seats. That goes beyond simple payment processing. Registration discounts, if simple to compute and easy for registrants to understand, can help improve registration numbers. Five discount types are proven to boost attendance – and more.

Early-bird discounts
One of the most popular discounts for programs and classes creates one or several price breaks based on arbitrary registration deadlines. In turn, this fosters a sense of urgency among potential class attendees, many of whom might value the benefit of attending a class for less cost in exchange for an earlier commitment.

Group discounts
Group offers provide a price break based on the number of attendees signing up from an organization or other grouping. It could beold fashioned time piece with the words "value proposition" engraved on it.  an office manager getting a discount for registering 10 employees for a course.

Series discounts
If you provide multiple classes, an effective way of offering a discount is to package them as a series. Then make the total price for those buying the whole series reflect a lower price per class. If five classes cost $25 apiece, for instance, offer the entire series for $100.

Special code discounts
The beauty of special codes is that they provide tangible value. Class planners use various marketing tools (e.g., email, direct mail, social media) to get the codes in front of prospective attendees, and the select recipients feel valued and are often compelled to give the class a closer look.

Individual classification discounts
Another effective discount offers a price break or something else of value to special segments of the class’s prospective attendees, such as students, senior citizens, members of the military, or veterans. These discounts might help you reach a demographic your class struggles to attract. They might give a discount to someone who needs it or has earned it. They will build goodwill with the segments you target, and in many cases, even with attendees who don’t receive the discount.

Have other effective discount ideas that drive attendance? We would love to hear about them. Just use the contact form to reach out to Learning Stream.

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