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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Texting in Your Registration Software

Person holding black smartphoneIn today’s world of instant access to information, learners can easily miss any lag in communication. As technology advances, using tools that aid efficient communication is more than important. It’s necessary. In education, instant communication regarding last-minute changes or scheduling updates to your attendees is essential.

Texting consistently outpaces email as the superior instant communication tool. Here are five reasons why:

  1. High Open Rates

Emails can easily get lost in crowded inboxes, get caught in firewalls or be flagged as spam—all factors that can push open rates down. But surveys have shown text messages boast an exceptionally high open rate—as high as 98%—with most texts read within minutes of receipt. For an urgent communication about a last-minute schedule or location change, you’re more likely to reach your attendees through text messaging than through email. Further, your attendees are more likely to open that text.

  1. Instant Accessibility

Today, it’s virtually guaranteed that your participants will always have their phones with them, and many people check their phones multiple times an hour. Yes, they can access emails accessed on their smartphones. However, they may delay the act of navigating to an email app and opening the message. That’s especially if the recipient is in transit or otherwise distracted. Sending a text can reach learners wherever they are at any time, allowing them to quickly glance at their phone and get the information they need without disrupting what they may be in the middle of at that moment.

  1. Concise Messaging

The character limit in text messages forces brevity, compelling educators to convey information in a small amount of space. While this may seem like a limitation, concise messaging can be a major advantage. Learners are more likely to quickly access, absorb and retain information when you present it in a short and straightforward format.

  1. Student Accountability

In Learning Stream’s SMS/text messaging option, participants must opt in to receive texts for class and event updates. Once they have opted in, they will receive any scheduled or impromptu reminders, updates, or alerts regarding the class in which they are enrolled. The text reminders can serve as a digital nudge to start or submit assignments or other tasks, prompting students to stay on track with their coursework and related responsibilities.

  1. Seamless Automation with Learning Stream

Sending text reminders to participants is even easier when automated. Learning Stream’s all-in-one registration software allows users schedule when text updates go out. Further, you can easily customize each message in a variety of ways. Also, you can filter text updates or reminders by registrant status or key identifiers.

Take advantage of the many benefits of using text messaging in your learning management system. Schedule a tour of Learning Stream today.


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