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5 Ways Learning Stream Can Boost Business Efficiency

Businesses today are constantly searching for ways to optimize operations and streamline processes. For businesses that offer continuing education, employee training, or professional development, the class registration and management process is something that is often in need of an overhaul.

5 ways Learning Stream helpsLearning Stream, an advanced online registration software solution, offers a suite of capabilities designed to significantly improve efficiency for these types of businesses. With features like test management, instructor and student modules, and robust reporting and analytics, here are five features from Learning Stream that can help businesses modernize their class registration process and management.

  1. Automatic Test Management

Learning Stream’s test management component includes automatic registration, test scoring, and media viewing in one place—and all tied to a participant’s record. There’s no need to manually input data or upload scores, making test management simple.

  1. Access to Instructor Module

Whether your business has one instructor or 50 on staff, the instructor module is the place to go to access any information they may need about their courses. The module includes registrant information on all class participants, attendance marking, and general course management, among many other convenient features. The instructor module also includes robust communication tools, such as messaging and discussion forums, which facilitate easy and frequent interaction between instructors and participants.

  1. A Portal Just for Students

Individual emails between students and instructors can slow down communication and create barriers to information that should be easily accessible. Learning Stream’s student portal solves that problem by giving participants a place to go for all their class and communication needs. At the click of a button, they can access their registration data, payment history, certificates, transcripts, e-learning content, and more.

  1. Simple Integrations

Efficiency flounders when a business is using multiple platforms for different purposes—because these platforms often don’t interact or share information easily, necessitating manual data entry and other slowdowns. Learning Stream easily integrates with learning management systems like Canvas and Blackboard, meaning you can receive the same robust registration data even when students complete their signup somewhere other than Learning Stream.

  1. Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Informed decision-making for businesses often comes down to data. Learning Stream contains robust reporting and analytics, so you always have a clear picture of what’s working and what could be improved. By providing data-driven insight into the training and development your business offers, Learning Stream enables businesses to optimize their training strategies, ensuring that resources are used effectively and that development initiatives directly contribute to organizational goals. And when you have numbers to back up your recommendations, it’s much easier to get buy-in from your main decision-makers.

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and free up time and resources to put toward future initiatives. Learning Stream can help put your development or training program on autopilot while also pointing you toward ways to better develop your participants. Contact us to get started with Learning Stream today.

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