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7 easy ways to use registration data to boost attendance

A registration process can yield copious information to help you later market to your audience. If the health of your training and education program depends on putting more of their seats in your seats, your registration software can help. You can easily slice and dice registration data in a variety of ways to create targeted invitation lists. That, in turn, can help increase attendance. Below are a quick seven list types:

  1. Generate a list of contacts based on those who registered for, but did not attend, one or more training offerings. Give them another crack at identical or similar offerings. Provide them multiple chances. Their reasons for failing to attend previous offerings likely had more to do with timing and convenience than training content. After they failed to show up the first time, they may have heard good things about the class from other attendees. Now they feel a deep sense of remorse that can only be quenched by grabbing a second chance. A friendly email linking to new opportunities may provide the tipping auditorium with empty seats
  2.  If you send an invitation to a group of potential registrants, don’t take it personally when some don’t sign up. Pouting is unattractive. Instead, create a filtered list of those who didn’t respond and invite them to a future offering. Always include an unsubscribe option.
  3. If you conduct post-class surveys, ask participants if they would like to hear about similar offerings. Also, ask what other types of courses would benefit them. Ask what the recent class was missing, if anything, that would make it more helpful in the future. If you have other offerings you want to promote, add a list of them to the evaluation form. From the responses, you can create multiple invitation lists.
  4. If your students attend an introductory class, always invite them to the next, more advanced class.
  5. Run a report of those people who haven’t signed up for any offering in the past year. Send a “you might be interested in…” email with a link tailored to their attendance histories.
  6. Those who get wait-listed may not have signed up for the same course offered at another time. Create an email just for them giving access to other options.
  7. If you offer certification programs, run a report of those coming up for renewal. Then send your list an email reminder with a list of pertinent offerings.

The registration data you collect is a trove of priceless information. You can use it for the good of humanity—or at least the good of your training program—by culling precise marketing lists that help boost attendance. If you would like to learn more about registration management software and the wonders of registration data, we’re ready to hear from you.

Article By:

Susie Isham

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