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A Student Portal Puts Trainees Behind the Wheel

Organizations are putting more responsibility on their learners to access, track, and manage their own training results. Learning Stream has seen this in its own universe of registration software customers. Just two or three years ago, about two of every five Learning Stream customers took advantage of the software’s student portal feature. Now, that number has edged up to nearly half of all customers.

It stands to reason. Training professionals need to focus more on creating and delivering content and less on providing information that should be available any time to their learners. Person behind wheel to represent student portal benefitStudent portals, depending on the preferences and requirements of an organization, can make that easier by giving trainees limited access to the driver’s seat.

Data on the offerings that trainees attend and earn credit for can be easy for them to access. Take a quick look at a dozen ways a student portal feature can help trainees help themselves.

  1. Give trainees more control over their training history.
  2. Let them see what they are currently signed up for and what they registered for in the past.
  3. Provide a convenient place to pay for training if they have a balance due.
  4. Allow them to keep current on education credits earned.
  5. Add in education opportunities that they did not sign up for through the registration portal, even something like reading a book related to their job.
  6. Print professional-looking transcripts.
  7. Do the same with certificates of completion.
  8. Update their contact information.
  9. Search for new training opportunities.
  10. View instructional videos.
  11. View notes such as reminders provided by administrators or instructors.
  12. Keep from having to wait for someone else to get back to them with information they need.

If your training program personnel spend a lot of time answering simple questions like Am I signed up for… or others like How many credits do I have?, a student portal feature can handle a lot of that for you.

Contact us at Learning Stream if you would like share a little about the challenges you face.

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