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Browser Trends: It’s Chrome’s World

How quickly things change in four years. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, Learning Stream keeps a close eye on browser trends to make sure the software works well, and securely, with the latest versions. We also continue to support earlier versions if they still see significant use and are secure. Just four years ago, here’s what browser use looked like among Learning Stream customers:

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Internet Explorer (IE) was still the top of the heap by a wide margin, but Chrome was coming up fast. Now, here’s an overview of browser use among Learning Stream administrative users on a recent week day:

The above figures are rounded off; a few other browsers not listed have a miniscule share. Also, each browser on our list has multiple versions. Chrome’s latest version accounts for just over 47% of all Learning Stream admin use.  On the other end, it doesn’t take a Nobel prize winning mathematician to see IE use has plummeted.

You can see how Learning Stream’s browser trends—and your personal use—compare to another sample here. Chrome is slightly more popular with Learning Stream users—at least on the day we sampled—than the rest of the world.

Registrant Browser Trends
The above figures are for admin users—those people who use Learning Stream daily to set up and manage registration processes. Browser trends for their audience—registrants—show a slightly slower move away from IE:

We can attribute part of the lower Chrome number and the higher Safari share to the mobile nature of Learning Stream’s registration pages and forms. Many registrants sign up using their mobile devices, which often is via Safari.

If you have questions about browsers or Learning Stream registration management software, please contact us here.

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