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Education Innovation for Bright Student Futures

Far from just a buzzword, innovation is a necessity in most industries—especially in education. The education industry is responsible for preparing students for the future. Kids need to learn how to become future adults. Professionals need to add new skills to make them competitive in the job landscape. To keep up with emerging technologies and new ways of doing just about everything, the traditional methods of teaching and learning need to evolve and adjust. Innovation in education plays a crucial role in ensuring what’s being taught is relevant today and effective at preparing learners for the future.

Teach Students to Adapt

The classroom is one of the best places to be introduced to new experiences. Students, especially young children, are some of the best adapters of technology and systems because they are already primed to embrace new things. By debuting new techniques, approaches, and technologies, educators can teach kids to be flexible, think creatively, and solve complex problems. Showing them how to welcome these new experiences can foster an interest in lifelong learning, encouraging them to become innovative thinkers and problems solvers in their future lives and careers.

Anticipate a Competitive Job Market

Learning how to adapt can also help students prepare for big shifts in the future job market. With swings back and forth between a landscape that favors candidates to a more employer-led market, job seekers get caught in the middle.

Technology disrupters like artificial intelligence (AI)—the popularity of which is currently skyrocketing—can cause other seismic shifts, leading to changes in how companies invest and, consequently, mass layoffs. Preparing students for these inevitabilities while they’re still in the classroom can better equip them after they graduate. Even better, early exposure to new innovations in technology like AI can help cultivate an attitude toward embracing change rather than fearing it—ultimately leading to more desirable job candidates in the future.

Prepare to Pivot

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone was suddenly forced to pivot. Office workers started taking meetings over Zoom. Educators implemented asynchronous lessons with learning management systems (LMS). Recognizing the need for new technology, Learning Stream built a full, two-way integration with Canvas—a popular LMS—enabling more students to participate in asynchronous learning without leaving their homes. Learning Stream also built a full integration with Zoom, allowing for an automation that created a Zoom meeting invite along with any type of event created in Learning Stream’s platform.

With the addition of other automations like attendance marking and automatic messaging, Learning Stream added efficiencies to what could have been a cumbersome process of figuring out how to meld these different technologies. And even today, four years later, many of these technological advances for remote and hybrid learning environments are here to stay. According to the 2023 “Changing Landscape of Online Education” report, researchers said they believe the demand for online and hybrid learning has not yet reached its peak.

Innovation in the education industry is a constant. Embracing new technology and helping your students to do the same is how the future generation will succeed.

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