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Email data: It’s talking to you

It’s no revelation that search engine optimization (SEO) software can tell you who visited your site, how long they stayed, what pages they visited, what search keywords might have brought them and what offers they clicked.  Marketers can take that data and create targeted tools such as Google Ads, special landing pages, customer-specific offers, email, and email data.

The power of information isn’t limited to SEO. If you use enterprise registration management software, you may already know all the tools you have to collect and deploy data. That includes Email data contained on cloud serversextensive reporting at both the event and system levels. But it can be easy to overlook some of the more basic functionality—like emails and email data—within a registration tool, which can also provide key data for marketing and other uses.

Start with your email invitation to a class. When did recipients respond? Immediately after receiving the email, a few days after it was sent, after a reminder was sent, or just prior to the event? A quick look at this email data might help you improve the timing of your communications.

Next, review the content of that initial email over the course of several registration periods. Is there one message or offer that generates a higher response (aka registration) rate than another? If so, double-down on that messaging.

Also, examine your responses and registrations for those new individuals signing up. Did they come from an expanded mailing list, did someone forward the original invitation email to them, or did the new attendee find it on their own via your website? This email data will provide insights into ways you can grow your program or event’s attendance, if that is one of your goals. Also, did confirmation emails and reminders generate a lot of email replies? If so, perhaps it was because of confusion about the information, or shortage of it, provided in the initial email.

Even basic information, like email data, can tell you a lot about the who, what, and when of your registration process. If you’d like to know more about data you can glean from Learning Stream’s registration management system, we’re excited to talk about it with you.

Article By:

Susie Isham

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