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Employee recognition: Not so hard to do

You may think of a thousand good reasons to recognize trainees—and any employees—for a job well done. According to this article (which doesn’t list all one thousand), employee recognition can lower turnover, increase trust, keep staff engaged, and generally make workers happy. But one of the biggest reasons for recognition is simply to say thank you in ways that go beyond emailing someone to say “thanks.”

Employee recognition can make a difference in how people feel about themselves and their jobs, and it doesn’t have to be difficult to execute. Acknowledgement during regular meetings, in a employee recognition in the form of people giving high newsletter, afternoon treats, a special lunch, or even a party don’t require a lot of setup or expense. Small efforts matter, even when they are not required—and especially when they are not required.

In the training realm, certificates of completion can also make a difference. Even for organizations that do not need to track continuing education credits, issuing certificates at the end of training adds a little extra sense of accomplishment. Few trainees/attendees are going to be so excited that they buy a $15 frame and hang their certificate on the wall. But that doesn’t mean they fail to appreciate your appreciation.

And like other employee recognition efforts, individualized certificates of completion don’t have to take a lot of… effort. Gone are the days when issuing certificates required trainers to create and personalize documents one-by-one, print them, and then hand them out. With registration management software, there should be no need to print out anything. In fact, program organizers can set up a rule to issue customized certificates—via email—as soon as trainees complete a task. Those tasks can range from simply signing up to completing an evaluation form.

There’s no registration software yet that can issue actual trophies or plaques, but with 3-D printing capabilities advancing all the time, who knows? For now, if you would like to explore ways you can make employee recognition a digital aspect of your registration management process, please reach out to Learning Stream.

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