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Five compelling benefits of Learning Plans

What’s the big deal about learning plans?

A Gallup poll from 2021 ranked training opportunities among the top three work benefits by one-third of young workers surveyed. More so than better pay, unlimited vacation, and pickleball outings. The same poll indicated nearly half of all workers said they would leave their current job for better upskilling.A young executive in a factor climbs steps and looks skyward.

However, random training classes from which employees can choose doesn’t constitute a great upskilling program. Learning plans, or paths, help employees see clearly what classes they need to complete to get where they want to go. Just like a road map, there may be variations on the best route, but only certain roads will get them to the right destination.

Here’s how:

1. Designed advancement
Professional development is only effective if it’s organized with a clear path to the learning goal. It has milestones, timelines/deadlines, and enough flexibility to make it achievable. Learners should be able to monitor their own progress and uncompleted steps.

2. Tailored Paths
A person who wants to improve their skillset in advanced accounting knowledge has different goals than a colleague who doesn’t care if the company uses accrual-based or cash-based accounting. Customized learning plans identify the skills and knowledge each learner needs to become proficient in their own job or ascend to another. Workers waste no time on training that won’t help them achieve those goals.

3. Wise use of time
Having solid learning plans helps employees who want to learn make the best choices among training opportunities. Whatever they choose, whether it be an online workshop or a book, they will know if it aligns with their upskilling path.

4. Advancement tracking
For learners and instructors, it’s easy to measure progress at every step against goals. Measurable headway, such as three out of five courses completed with 90 days to go, enable learners to mark their progress and assess the impact of their learning efforts. It’s easier to remain motivated to reach career goals when progress is tangible.

5. Greater opportunities
This is what it’s all about. A company has a better chance of retaining an increasingly valuable worker it has nurtured with a quality learning plan. Plus, the worker increases their marketability either for advancement within the company or opportunities elsewhere.

Learning Stream includes an optional Learning Plan feature that allows program administrators to create multiple learning plans with unlimited levels to complete. Learners can monitor their own progress through a student access point. Admins can create multi-layer plan requirements and set deadlines for completion. To learn more, please reach out.

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