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Four questions: Why your organization may benefit from enterprise registration software

If you have a voice-controlled home device like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, you know how easy it is to play music, get the weather forecast, and ask it to tell an elephant joke. But we also suspect such a device holds great power yet untapped. Perhaps one could use it to remotely navigate a nuclear sub in the Indian Ocean. Or it could come up with a good excuse to get us out of our significant other’s work gathering.

We can equate the same often untapped potential with enterprise registration management software. If a robust system comes with 100 different functions, each organization using it may leverage a different subset of those functions. And never all 100. Also, each program within an organization may be using a different system because they assume no software has the flexibility to address the unique processes of each program.

Google Home device cupped in the hands of an off camera person.
Behold the power of the voice-controlled home device.

If you’re part of a large organization such as a corporation, hospital group, or university, ask these questions:

  1. What might you be missing with your registration management software?
  2. Do you have registration- or learning-related processes you wish you could leverage but assume you can’t?
  3. Could registration software handle some of the functions currently handled by other software?
  4. Do various programs within your organization each use a different system to manage registration-related functions?

There is a big difference between basic online registration software—form builders—and enterprise registration software. Enterprise software allows multiple programs and divisions to use the same iteration of the software without stepping on each other’s toes. It provides multi-user access with each admin and/or program assigned rights that give access to only the programs and functions they need.

If more than one program needs to accept online payments, each can have its own payment processing setup in which funds funnel into the correct account.

If a program needs to run detailed reporting, it doesn’t first have to wade through data pertaining to other divisions. It sees only its data.

And yet registrants could still sign up across programs using the same login credentials because all programs share the same database.

We wouldn’t be mentioning enterprise registration software if that weren’t the description of Learning Stream registration management software. Large healthcare and education organizations on Centura HealthCreighton University, and Queens University, employ Learning Stream on an enterprise level in part because it provides consistency and efficiency across all programs. Yet, the software system is flexible enough that each program may be using a different combination of functions—including payment processing, continuing education, or straightforward employee training signups.

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Article By:

Ron Smith

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