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5 cheap gamification ideas for training

four hands each holding a piece of a puzzle.At the beginning of the year, eLearning Industry predicted gamification—using point scoring, competition, and other game playing components to make a task more compelling—would be a top learning development trend in 2018. It sounds like déjà vu all over again, because gamification has been a predicted trend for years.

Three years ago, Forbes wrote, “2015 will be the year gamification inside the workplace migrates from a few isolated pilots to a new way to engage and recognize high performing employees.” Even we wrote about it back in the far-ago times of early 2015, though we noted that gamification “hasn’t yet turned learning on its head.” Still, we reported that companies were getting results “using game-based mechanics and aesthetics to engage people, motivate action, solve problems and promote learning.”

Now, Forbes and other publications are writing more about how to gamify—rather than if to gamify—and which types of gamification are best for different types of programs. Lots of gamification articles are popping up. This article, for example, lists ten gamification apps that can help anyone who wants to learn more in a game environment.

Even though Learning Stream is itself cutting edge registration management technology, we don’t believe you have to employ an app to introduce gamification into your training program. In some cases, all you need is creativity. You could also use a poster board and some stickers, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Form teams
Everyone likes a little friendly competition, such as when it’s one team of colleagues against another. With results-oriented training, form learners into teams to accomplish tasks and track how they digest the content. Team members can help each other to bolster learning for everyone.

Track points
Tests can make a 45-year-old accountant feel like he’s back in seventh grade taking a quiz on the Battle of Gettysburg. But a point system (or shiny gold stars next to person’s name) can make a trainee feel a sense of accomplishment as they navigate stages of content and achieve milestones.

Award badges
Not a shiny sheriff’s badge, necessarily, though that would be cool, but something appropriate next to a trainee’s name as she meets a milestone.

Make a map
Introduce maps to show progress. Maps are colorful. Maps start one place and end at another. Progress along the map makes a person feel warm and fuzzy.

Launch a scavenger hunt
This doesn’t have to be an actual physical hunt for objects, but it can mean a search for answers or other knowledge online or within provided content.

If you have other cheap, creative ideas that can add a touch of gamification to training, we would love to hear about them. Or if you just want to know more about Learning Stream, that would make us even happier. Contact us here.

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