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Ten facts: guacamole and flexible registration software

Guacamole and chips on a tableWe thought it would never arrive, but it is finally National Guacamole Day in America. It’s a perfect day to enjoy this creamy dish, which in the opinion of this blog, is every day. It’s also a perfect day to compare the qualities of guacamole with our other favorite dish, flexible registration software. Here are ten scientifically-researched and journal-published ways guacamole and training registration software are either alike or not:

  1. Avocados grow on trees, which makes them fruit. Flexible registration software for training does not grow on trees, but it should be easy to pick.
  2. Avocado green was a popular designing color in the 1970s. Training registration software did not yet exist in the 70s, but you can make its pages and forms any color you want.
  3. Avocados are loaded with nutrients like Vitamins E and C. Flexible training registration software has no vitamins, but it’s good for your health. For one thing, it can reduce stress.
  4. A decent serving of guacamole has more than 100 calories. Registration management software will always be calorie-free.
  5. There is never enough guacamole at a party. Cloud-based registration software never runs out, so you never have to hurry to the store to buy more.
  6. Training registration software will be just as fresh tomorrow as it is today. Unlike guacamole, you don’t have a small window of time to take advantage of it.
  7. When shopping, lightly squeeze an avocado before selecting it. It’s also a good idea try out training registration software before you buy it.Avocado, tomato and peppers in a bowl
  8. Guacamole has lots of varieties, such with or without tomatoes, lime juice, or onions. In any case, it will taste great. Registration software comes in lots of flavors, too, such as with or without payment processing, with or without CE tracking, and without or without a shopping cart.
  9. Cilantro is another story. Nobody is trying to ruin registration software by adding cilantro to it.
  10. One is considered a superfood. The other is considered super essential for managing a lot of events and registrations.

Now that you’re hungry, head to a Mexican restaurant or make some guac at home. Even if you take a pass on avocado products, we’re always ready to talk about your training registration challenges.

Article By:

Tina Berry 

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