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How to Combat Burnout and Improve Teacher Retention

Dissatisfaction among education professionals has been widely reported since the pandemic brought massive structural changes to classrooms. The education industry has not yet fully recovered. With almost half of the nation’s public schools reporting feeling understaffed and teacher turnover rates continuing to rise, teacher retention is more important than ever.

The departure of experienced teachers not only disrupts the educational environment but also comes with substantial costs for ongoing recruitment and onboarding. While the problem looms large, sometimes the solutions are surprisingly simple. Here are some ways to improve the teaching experience and promote loyalty among educators.

Cut Out the Busy Work

Many teachers are continuously bogged down with administrative work,. That can take up hours each day and keep them from focusing on educating and making meaningful connections with their students. Being buried in paperwork like attendance records, grading systems, and permission forms can increase frustration and contribute to burnout. Registration software can go a long way toward automating these tasks. It saves valuable energy and frees up time to participate in other things that can improve retention, like professional development.Teacher drawn to a magnet

Ask Teachers What They Need

Common practice for professional development programs is to request evaluations from their learners at the end of a course. This is the learner’s opportunity to give feedback on the course and on the quality of instruction. But who is asking teachers what they need to succeed? Make it a habit to offer evaluations to your educators with each class completion. Ask them to give their own feedback on what went well, what needs to be fixed, and what they see as opportunities for improvement. You can ensure your teachers are able to ask for what they need. They’re more likely to stick around long term if they feel they have an avenue to voice concerns and come up with solutions.

Offer Professional Development Opportunities

When you invest in professional growth, educators feel valued. The know their employer recognizes their contributions while they also take advantage of opportunities to upskill. But it’s important to remember that professional development is not one-size-fits-all. Teachers want to participate in courses or programs that are relevant to the work they are doing. They also want workshops that guide them to the next step in their career. Registration software can provide access to a variety of professional development resources, including webinars, workshops, and online courses tailored to individual interests and career goals. 

Implement a Mentorship Program

Education is a people-first industry, but many teachers are feeling isolated coming from years of virtual classroom instruction and being physically cut off from their peers. Starting a mentorship program that connects veteran educators to first-time teachers can enhance a sense of belonging in your school or institution. Teachers who feel supported, valued, and connected are much more likely to stick around long term.

With features like automation, evaluations, and registration management, Learning Stream can help facilitate solutions that improve teacher retention over time.

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