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Key Features:

Flexible Registration Software to Save Time so You can Concentrate on your Mission

Learning Stream helps non-profit organizations manage registration for classes, meetings, special trips, camps, conferences, and other programs, each with its own set of unique requirements.

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Provide training for underserved constituencies and professionals who serve them:

  • Manage and upload training videos, webinars, and audio files in various formats. This tool enhances the accessibility of e-learning materials, allowing for a more engaging learning experience.
  • Track user access and completion rates of e-learning content efficiently, which aids in better class completions and ensures effective learning outcomes.
  • Connect with popular virtual meetings tools like Zoom, GoToWebinar, Teams, and Webex. These integrations make organizing online sessions simple and easy.
  • Track continuing education credits, handle evaluations and certificates, and get detailed reports for in-person and online events, ensuring all your training needs are covered.

Quick Payment with Learning Stream’s Online Payment Solutions:

  • We integrate with popular payment gateways for flexible payment processing.
  • We ensure PCI compliance to secure the handling of credit card information.
  • Provides detailed financial reporting for individual events and broader financial analysis.

Other benefits include:

Complete Registration Management Tool

Coordinate Classes, Meetings, Special Trips, Camps, Conferences, and Fundraising Events with Unique Requirements

Manage Complex Pricing

Manage flexible pricing for nonprofits, including discounts, group registrations, and special price breaks, such as scholarships, based on your unique criteria.

Collecting and Analyzing Feedback

Learning Stream makes getting and understanding feedback from people in your program easy and private.

Self-Service for Students

Students can see their information, like registrations and certificates, and access learning materials independently.

Managing Learning Goals

Learning Stream helps set up and track learning goals for students or groups.

Helping Your Staff

Your staff can easily use their phones to get ready for class, check who’s there, and talk to students.

Streamlined Test Management

It automatically grades tests and connects them to class attendance, making learning smoother.

Document Handling

Students can upload important documents quickly, and everything is kept safe and organized in one place.

Quick Communication with SMS

You can send fast updates and reminders through text messages.

Integration with LMSs

Canvas and Blackboard integrations automatically signs up students for online courses and manages their enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do nonprofit organizations receive a discount?

Yes, there is a discount for nonprofits.

How do nonprofits use Learning Stream?

Here are some of the ways nonprofits use Learning Stream: health education, childcare training for workers and families, low-income family support, special needs programs, and STEM opportunities for low-income students.