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Faith-based organizations, including churches, temples, parishes, synods, and statewide associations, among others, often have registration management needs as complex and challenging as any other type of Learning Stream customer. That makes sense, because such organizations must organize classes, meetings, mission trips, camps, conventions, fundraising events, and other programs, each with its own set of unique requirements.

Therefore, a flexible, robust registration management system is essential. It’s not just about getting a head count for evening meals or summer camps. It’s about collecting the current information on families and member groups, and being able to easily update that data year to year. It’s about providing group registration capabilities where adults and their children all need to sign up for different events and classes, yet pay one time for everything. It’s about the need to give groups–families or other members–the ability to receive automated discounts based on how many persons sign up, or how many different they sign up for in one registration process.

Such challenges are often handled by a mix of paid staff and volunteers, which makes it important to provide great service in addition to the bells and whistles. Learning Stream does that, which helps explain why faith-based groups who began using the software more than a decade ago still do.

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We are very happy with our experience with Learning Stream. It is an excellent choice for setting up event registration for an organization and collecting registration data.


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