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Mobile Now the Big Dog

Holiday shopping patterns offer a clue to trends that go well beyond how and when someone is buying a chartreuse and orange argyle sweater for Uncle Phil. (However, it cannot explain why Uncle Phil gets an ugly chartreuse and orange sweater.) Shopping patterns can give insight into business-to-business trends, too. For example, mobile use continues to increase during the big shopping season—and year around. But how does that reflect on other activities—such as signing up for a community education class?

***A big dog of a different sort***

Nearly 75% Use
Mobile—smart phones and tablets—is now the tail that wags the dog when it come to retail commerce. One report predicted nearly ¾ of all retail e-commerce sales this holiday season will come via mobile shopping. The rest would originate from laptops and desktops. As you can imagine, use is higher on weekends when most people don’t have convenient access to work computers.

As a registration management system provider, Learning Stream does not operate in the retail industry. Therefore, we see a smaller percentage of mobile traffic among registrants. Also, many registrants of programs offered by Learning Stream customers are work-related. As a result, many registrants use their work computers to sign up. However, the number of mobile registrations is still significant: It can be as much as ¼ of all registrants, depending on the registration scenario.

Screen capture of a mobile page design setupTwenty-five percent of registrations completed via mobile is too significant to ignore. That’s why forward-facing pages and forms created in the software are responsive.  A responsive framework means pages re-size no matter what device or OS the registrant is using: Apple or Android, desktop or laptop, iPad or Surface Pro.

Page Themes
Learning Stream customers use page themes to quickly set up mobile pages. The pages allow customers to brand each page and form to their marketing requirements, while automatically making them responsive to any registrant’s device. It’s not just an option. It is essential to making it easy for Learning Stream customers to reach their audiences where they are at any time.

If you would like to explore options regarding mobile access or any other registration management challenges, contact Learning Stream at your convenience.


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Ron Smith

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