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Ten Ways Registration Software is Better Than a Taco

Two delicious tacos on a plateIt’s officially National Taco Day, which means millions of Americans will chomp down on this delicious Mexican food. In other words, it’s a day like every other day in our taco-loving nation. According to the Wikipedia, which is never wrong about such things, the word taco comes from “plug.” It may have derived from Mexican silver miners who wrapped gunpowder in paper to blow holes in mountains. The food version of the taco has been known to cause explosions, too. Still, we Americans delight in this folded tortilla dish.

So far, there is no National Online Registration Day, but we believe registration software has several advantages over the popular taco. Here are 10:

1. Registration software—which is a bunch of ones and zeros—is much neater than a taco. When you bite into one, pieces of it don’t go everywhere. You’ll never need extra napkins with registration software.
2. Registration software doesn’t make noise. You can partake of it secretly without anyone asking if you have enough to share.
3. Lactose intolerant people use registration software all the time without worrying about stomach issues. Who ever heard of eating a taco without cheese?
4. You won’t be tempted to fill up on chips and salsa before diving into registration management.
5. Registration software never brings tears to your eyes because it’s too spicy.
6. You can design your own shell for pages and forms with registration software, which is a lot better than just two choices: corn or wheat.
7. If you have a late-night hankering for registration software, you don’t have to leave the couch. Also, there is no delivery guy to tip.
8. Registration software does not leave a lingering smell in your car.
9. There has never been a rumor—to our knowledge—that registration software is made of questionable meat products.
10. If you don’t like tomatoes, you don’t have to remove them from registration software. In fact, registration software seldom includes garden produce.

We imagine there are many more advantages registration management software holds over tacos. But we don’t want the massive taco conglomerate to feel too inferior. If you would like to learn other benefits of Learning Stream’s software, however, please contact us.

Article By:

Ron Smith

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