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15 Ways Registration Software is Superior to a Chocolate Cupcake

It’s National Chocolate Cupcake Day, which means a lot of us will be do penance tomorrow with celery and leafy greens. But before you celebrate this day by stuffing a few tasty chocolate baked goods down your gullet, be mindful of how robust registration management software is far superior to a cupcake.

  1. You seldom have crumbs getting embedded in your facial hair when setting up a registration process.
  2. Even persons on a gluten-free diet can enjoy the virtues of automatically issued certificates via registration software with deep functionality.A mini cupcake perched in the palm of a hand.
  3. Registration software is low-cal.
  4. It won’t keep you up at night, because it has zero milligrams of caffeine.
  5. All registration management software is sugar-free. Yet, when tracking post-class feedback, it doesn’t have the weird aftertaste sugar-free cupcakes have.
  6. The same goes for vegan varieties. No animals were harmed in the development of registration management software, yet it doesn’t affect the taste.
  7. Registration software doesn’t leave you with an unsatisfied feeling after experiencing just one event.
  8. No cupcake can integrate with multiple payment processors.
  9. Cupcakes can’t track continuing education credits.
  10. Cupcakes date back to olden times; the first one was created in the late 18th century or early 19th century when someone thought, “I want to eat a whole cake, but I don’t want to feel bad about it afterwards.” The best registration software is always new because updates are made constantly. And there is nothing to make you feel guilty.
  11. Cupcakes are not meant to be shared because they are too small. Registration software is for everyone.
  12. There is no leftover waxy paper to dispose of with a registration management system.
  13. You don’t have to wash a pan afterwards.
  14. Surprising as it may seem, a guy named Ferlin says he doesn’t like chocolate cupcakes. Ferlin doesn’t like much of anything. But he likes that he can copy many classes at one time using robust registration software.
  15. True registration management software is just as good with or without sprinkles.

Registration management software offers a lot of other advantages over cupcakes. If you would like to discuss any that might help you with your programs, please contact Learning Stream at your convenience.

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