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Self-paced learning is here to stay

Since the dark days of the pandemic, training and continuing education programs have seen a sustained demand for more self-paced learning. The demand has continued beyond our return to semi-normal. Sure. Not all learning can be self-paced. For example, nothing replaces classroom attendance to perfect hands-on techniques. But self-paced learning, aka asynchronous learning for those who like big words, can be an integral part of a hybrid approach to content delivery.

It’s attractive to busy learners for several reasons.

  1. Flexibility
    Self-paced learning allows students to pick the best time to tackle learning content. At a minimum, they can tackle the basics of a class online and at their own pace before joining a live webinar for more in-depth learning, or before attending the final hours of an in-person lab.
  2. Accessibility
    Let’s say a person lives in Key West, Florida, and the best CE program for the latest walrus veterinary care is in Utqiagvik, Alaska. (and it’s mid-February). Besides the fact it would take four of five days to get there from Key West, the timing of the class may not be idealmany in bathrobe staying up late to finish his self-paced assignment. for the learner. Self-paced learning eliminates that issue.
  3. Reduced Pressure
    If face-to-face interaction with instructors is not required, learners can learn at their own pace. This can help increase comprehension in a setting more relaxed than the traditional classroom atmosphere.
  4. Diverse Resources
    Self-paced courses, such as those in an LMS, often provide an array of resources such as quizzes, discussions, videos, and such. This diversity caters to different learning preferences, making it more engaging and effective.
  5. Personalization
    Self-paced courses mean learners do not have to take the same courses at the same time as everyone else. They often can also choose what they take live, and what they take asynchronously. Many training programs now offer their customers options in course delivery methods.
  6. Enhanced Retention:
    The pressure of deadlines is eliminated with self-paced learning. (That is, except those who have wait until day 364 to fulfill their annual CE requirements.) As a result, a student can review content as many times as they need. In most cases, that’s as long as it takes the concepts and ideas stick.
  7. Broad collaboration
    Even with self-paced learning, students still get the benefit of live collaboration with fellow learners and instructors. Networking can be just as meaningful as in in-person classes. In fact, without geographic restrictions, collaboration may be even more meaningful and well-rounded.

Self-paced learning also gives training and CE programs exposure to the entire world, if desired. It’s also a great way to reduce instruction costs. There is no need to reserve or rent space for in-person instruction. Plus, the same learning can be delivered to an infinite number of students. It’s also easily updated.

Whether it’s linking to an LMS, an online meeting platform, or providing access to video learning, Learning Stream’s registration management platform works for all three. Want to learn more? Please reach out for a quick tour.

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