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Seven ways a student portal brings joy

Four years ago, only two of every five Learning Stream customers employed the student portal feature of the platform. Now, the number is around four of every five customers. What’s changed? Options within the student portal have grown tremendously. But it’s more than that. Now, it’s almost a given that a robust registration management platform must include a student portal.A cruise ship with many portals distinct.

In 2017, we noted that an often-overlooked benefit of class registration software was giving learners DIY access to their own learning histories. Few overlook it now. A student portal eliminates many tasks that often fall on training program administrators. Direct access means trainees have their data the moment they want it. No need to wait for a training program representative to find the information for them. That makes both sides happy.

In more detail, a student portal can:

  1. Track continuing education credits: Students can view data and download a transcript of their latest activities.
  2. External history: Education activities completed through another registration platform, for example, can appear in a person’s history. When it’s time for a formal review, external accomplishments are part of the official record.
  3. Certificates: If administrators issue certificates of completion via email, students can also access them any time within the portal.
  4. Pay balances: The portal gives students another avenue for paying fees online. A link to pay a balance can be associated with any class with an outstanding invoice.
  5. Learning plans: The portal can show any learning path set up for a learner to follow, such as a requirement to take three classes of a certain type within the calendar year.
  6. Test results: If online testing is also part of the registration management process, learners can check grades for any test the moment they complete it.
  7. View media: When a trainee signs up for access to instructional videos, they can view the video within their portal for the period the media is available to them.

More options, such as viewing files shared following a class, can also be accessible via the student portal. If you would like to explore in more depth how registration management and student access fit together, contact us any time.

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