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Streamline Class Payment Processing with LumaPay

One of the many benefits of using a registration platform is the ability to accept online class payments from your students. LumaPay, powered by Stripe, is Learning Stream’s payment processing solution that makes it easy to process class payments online. While Learning Stream also integrates easily with a variety of payment processors, LumaPay is designed specifically to work with Learning Stream.

Flexible Payment Options

LumaPay offers flexibility for both you and your customers. Learners can choose to pay with the most convenient payment method for them (including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and by credit card), and you can connect any existing bank account where you’d like to receive payments. These options for flexibility ensure the class payment processing solution caters directly to the needs of your customers without adding any hurdles in the way of each transaction.

Secure Transactionspayment processing

Any transaction made online requires secure handling of sensitive information. LumaPay is powered by Stripe, a leading payments provider that meets the highest certification standards for compliance and security. This level of security helps instill trust in your customers so they can be confident their payment information is safe and secure in every transaction.

Unparalleled User Experience

On top of a smooth setup experience, LumaPay features a clean and comprehensive Stripe dashboard that makes it easy to navigate to your reports, invoices, and balance information. Automation options are also available to showcase your brand and enhance the payment experience for your students. Once they submit a payment, the system will automatically send a customized receipt that features your logo and brand colors—adding a final touch of sophistication to a regular transaction.

Reporting and Analytics

LumaPay gives you access to a variety of reporting features, including data on overall revenue, transaction history, billing analytics, and subscription growth. As an added benefit of using a Stripe-powered solution, you can also opt into Sigma custom reports, which gives you more flexibility to analyze data. This data can help you get deeper insight into your business and make informed decisions to improve and optimize your payment processing strategy.

Quick and Easy Setup

For Learning Stream users, getting started with LumaPay is as simple as three steps and a few minutes. All you have to do is log in to your existing Learning Stream account, navigate to the payment gateway page, and follow the instructions to enter your financial information and start collecting payments.

Designed and configured to work seamlessly with Learning Stream, LumaPay is an ideal payment processing partner to handle transactions between you and your registrants with ease. Contact us to get started with Learning Stream and LumaPay today.

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