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More ways to track attendance

Back when the 21st century was still new and exciting, a printable sign-in sheet to track attendance was one of the first features of Learning Stream registration management software. No matter how many fancy features we added after that, new customers often expressed their delight at learning they could print out sign-in sheets. Some programs still asked about.

“Can your software generate a printable sign-in sheet?”

“What a delightful question. Of course, it can.”

(Dancing in the streets.)

Screen view of a mobile website to track attendanceThough saving trees is now second nature for most education and training programs, some have no choice but to stick with paper to track attendance. Many funding bodies and continuing education accrediting agencies still require “wet signatures” on a tree-based pulp product. For such situations, a piece of paper with signatures and checkmarks may be necessary for a long time to come. It also has the benefit of keeping filing cabinet manufacturers in business.

Still, for those training programs that are not hamstrung by such requirements, sign-in options to track attendance are becoming more flexible.

Mobile access
Several years ago, registration software began taking advantage of mobile web site technology to eliminate paper signups where possible. That allowed program administrators and instructors to track attendance by tapping a screen on a phone or tablet to check in their students. Reports within the software indicate immediately that a registrant has shown up. If an attendee, heaven forbid, were to duck out early, the person in charge of attendance can just as quickly make them “absent” again.QR Code scanning app

QR code scanning
Programs that also generate name badges can go a step further by leveraging QR code technology. A unique code is generated for each registrant. Using a QR Code scanning app like the one developed by Learning Stream, instructors or coordinators can scan people in when they pick up their name badges. If no cell phone service or web connection is available, an admin can still scan and save a person’s attendance status.

As technology advances, more options to track attendance will become available. Even now, though, training professionals have options from low tech to high tech when marking attendance is essential. To learn more about attendance tracking options in Learning Stream, please reach out to us here.

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