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16 questions to ask your training program data

No matter when your training calendar rolls over—fiscal year, calendar year, semester, month—It’s never a bad time to take a closer look at the training program data compiled during and after registration. Consistently asking the right data questions can improve a program’s success.

If you already use registration management software, the information collected should be easy to pull any time you need it.

Partial view of spreadsheet showing confirmations, wait lists, cancellations and attendance

Here’s a brief list of easy questions to ask of your data to see where you may need adjustments:

  1. What is the ratio of confirmed registrants to maximum capacity?
  2. How many people go on a wait list during a specified period and/or for a training type?
  3. How many people sign up and then cancel prior to a class?
  4. How many people are no-shows—signing up but failing to cancel.
  5. Can you identify which trainees tend to sign up and then cancel or not show for the class?
  6. How much does each no-show cost in terms of preparation, materials, or food/drink?
  7. Are there programs with a high volume of early or late registration activity?
  8. Do certain days/times tend to perform better in terms of registrations and attendance?
  9. Do shorter registration periods tend to produce better results than others?
  10. Do some instructors experience better attendance rates than others?
  11. If applicable, how much revenue is generated by program type or date range?
  12. How many outstanding charges are there for a period?
  13. How many discounts are issued?
  14. How much money has to be refunded?
  15. Do some programs or date ranges indicate a worrisome amount of outstanding balances?
  16. What trends do post-class evaluations reveal by date range or type of program?

Bar graph of registration activity by month

You get the picture, and you probably can think of other questions to ask of your training program data. The answers can help you adjust and plan for improvements. Others in your organization will find such data helpful, too. Learning Stream’s registration management software provides a wealth of data at the event level as well as by program category and other types. If you would like to explore further, please contact us any time.

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