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5 ways a hamburger is like registration software

This is International Hamburger Day, which means people around the world and parts of Mars will take advantage of the free and near-free offers that abound. We here at Learning Stream have special affection for this day because a restaurant a few minutes from us claims to be the birthplace of the cheeseburger. No one knows if the story is true, but no one alive knows if it isn’t.

As our own tribute to International Hamburger Day, we offer five ways class registration software and the classic hamburger are alike.

  1. Get your hamburger plain or with lots of stuff on it. Either way can be delicious. Same with class registration software. Get no-frills software to cover the basics, if that’s all you need. Or get the kind that includes continuing ed tracking, tons of reporting, and a lot of other features.
  2. Thanks to scientific advancements, both registration software and hamburgers are practically free of fat.
  3. Pickles completely change the taste of a hamburger. Training programs can find themselves in a pickle without a complete registration system.
  4. As basic as hamburgers may seem, they constantly evolve. Order them with toppings like rosemary bacon or Brussels sprouts. (We’re not saying you should.) Registration software constantly evolves, too. Choose a system with all the add-ons you prefer, like test management.
  5. There’s never a time you can’t find a good hamburger. If the hankering strikes at 2 a.m., you’ll find a good one somewhere nearby. Same with class registration software. Thanks to the cloud, it’s there for you, ready to go, night and day.

Pro tip: For a great, simple hamburger, we recommend Booches in Columbia, Missouri. The ambience at Booches hasn’t changed much since Chester A. Arthur was president. The menu hasn’t changed much either. Order a few delicious hamburgers on wax paper along with a frosty beverage of your choice.

Another pro tip: If your appetite calls for robust registration management software, we’re here to help. Just use this handy contact form.

Article By:

Ron Smith

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