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More blue skies for remote learning

A single palm tree pointing toward a blue sky. Learning Stream’s latest survey of users indicates remote learning is leaving a permanent imprint on training and education programs.

In 2020, many programs were forced to switch quickly from in-person to online offerings. Now, as the pandemic looks to be winding down, nearly half (48 percent) of respondents to the 2021 survey say they plan to continue offering more remote learning than pre-Covid. This same time last year, nearly a third (32 percent) said the pandemic was forcing them to deliver significantly more virtual learning than they did before the outbreak. Another 47 percent expected to offer somewhat more online learning than they did pre-Covid.

However, not all programs are turning heavily to remote learning. At least not yet. Nearly one-quarter of respondents in 2021 say their training and education programs are moving back to more in-person offerings as safety guidelines allow it.

More virtual offerings
The 2021 survey, which opened for responses in mid-May, indicates that most training providers are delivering most of their content via live/virtual platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. In fact, 40 percent of respondents say all their offerings are currently delivered via remote learning. Only 12 percent of respondents say most of their offerings in training and education are now in-person.

Some asynchronous offerings
Further, most respondents say they offer at least some content in an asynchronous format, such as via a learning management system or Learning Stream’s Media Manager video delivery module. Nearly one-third of all respondents (32 percent) say they don’t offer any asynchronous content. Yet, trends indicate asynchronous remote learning options will continue to grow.

Looking ahead
Confirming what we saw last year, live virtual training appears to be here to stay as a significant form of learning. That’s good news for learners, who now have more choices than ever in how and when they access learning content.

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