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Five Ways to Empower Trainers

Traditional methods of non-credit instruction are evolving. With the help of registration software like Learning Stream, that evolution is for the better. Continuing education trainers today must embrace the technological advances that make things like asynchronous learning possible—because that’s what students expect. And while embracing change can sometimes be difficult, these advances don’t just benefit participants. They empower trainers by relieving them of many energy-sapping manual tasks.


1. Take Advantage of Automations

Many previously manual processes can be automated with Learning Stream. Need to share continuing education credit information with other systems and stakeholders? Automate it.

Need to combine registration information with communication and learner data sharing? Automate it.

Need to issue certificates, but want to make sure your students complete an evaluation first? Yes, you can automate that, too. When you can reduce the amount of repetitive work, you reduce manual work and increase efficiency. That empowers trainers.An adult education teacher wearing a hero's cape in an empty classroom.


2. Leverage Existing Content

You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel. Leaf through your library of recorded webinars and training videos. Allow your learners to access to them through a simple registration process. If applicable, withhold access until you receive payment. Participants can utilize these resources at a time that works for them, and trainers can track access, views, and completions for each participant.


3. Expand Your Reach

Learning doesn’t stop after a class ends. In fact, one continuing education program reports getting requests from alumni for additional learning opportunities after graduation. Trainers have access to student contact information and other registrant data long after coursework is complete, giving them the opportunity to reach out to former students and share new learning content or industry-wide updates. Continuing that connection with former students not only adds value for them, it also may prompt them to recommend your educational offerings to other professionals in their industry.


Streamline the Learning Process

Learning Stream’s Instructor Module provides a mobile app for teachers to see who’s signed up for a course.  They can also send email updates to the course list, view survey results, and mark attendance on a smart phone. This empowers trainers to stay on top of key information no matter the learning delivery method.


Get Access to Powerful Analytics

Perhaps the most important way a complete registration software system empowers trainers is through knowledge. Readily available data helps track student progress and performance . Analytics and reporting features provide insight into student engagement, completion rates, and assessment scores. Thus, trainers can tailor their approach, identifying areas where students may need additional support and recognizing achievements along the way. Analytics take the guesswork out of decision-making, giving trainers a data-driven plan for evolving their continuing education offering.

Embracing technological advances is not just a step forward; it’s a leap toward fostering a more connected and enriched learning environment—for you and your participants.

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