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Carrier Corporation Customer Training

Carrier Corporation Customer Training

Customer training registration made easier

HVAC installer in large cooling system.Three programs within Carrier Corporation’s customer training division deliver similar commercial HVAC learning opportunities. The three separate training groups are Commercial HVAC, Software and Controls, and Transicold (Truck Trailer and Container Units). Each is a separate Carrier business that focuses on a different audience. Therefore, each program has its own set of class calendars and listings. And each has its own branding. Yet, they all use the same Learning Stream registration software to manage registration for their training offerings.

Flexible training options require flexible registration software
Carrier training can target technicians, engineers, distributors, technicians, and others in multiple combinations. Further, the variety of customer training delivery methods, one- or multi-day classes, and locations across the country, means Carrier needs extreme flexibility in itsCarrier university program logo registration forms and processes. Considerable time savings, particularly in the event setup phase, allow all three programs more time to focus on their training initiatives, rather than on registration setup and management.

Carrier’s previous registration platform lacked the same level of efficiency in their event setup process. The training program’s experience with Learning Stream has influenced their approach, leading them to adopt a template-based strategy for streamlined event creation.

Time savings adds up
Scott Hopkins, the manager of product training at Carrier, estimates Learning Stream registration software helps him save one to two hours per course setup, compared to Carrier’s previous customer training registration platform. With more than one hundred training opportunities annually, that adds up.

Streamlined class setup is responsible for most of the time savings. While it required an upfront investment of time and effort, the long-term benefits have been substantial. Now, when setting up a new class, training personnel can simply duplicate a template, adjust the dates, and make any necessary modifications. The details are already in place, streamlining the process significantly. “We’re not setting up anything for the first time,” Scott says. “It makes things immensely easy going forward. That functionality—having a database or a set of templates that we can utilize—is awesome.”

The time that Scott and his colleagues used to spend on repetitive administrative tasks is now redirected towards more strategic and impactful aspects of Carrier’s customer training. This not only enhances productivity but also allows for a more focused and enriched training experience for their learners.

It makes things immensely easy going forward. That functionality—having a database or a set of templates that we can utilize—is awesome.

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